Eliminating the Rogue Security System Tool 2011 From Your PC

March 14, 2011

The System Tool 2011 is a rogue security application that acts as if it were attempting to look for a malicious code in a system so it could try to frighten the user from either ordering or downloading the ineffectual application.Which is actually a rip for the version of the system tool released in 2008.

If you are going to take a glance at the warning monitor, you can anticipate its frightening. It factually screams “WARNING! You are in danger, computer infected!” This scare tactic will mechanically make the client restart their PC and that is when the real function of the System Tool 2011 takes effect. The client will not be able to run any of the applications in the system. Fortunately there is an easy way to remove this adware by going into the safe mode. In a closer glance, you can observe that system tool 2011 is handled by third party malware groups. If you happen to see a folder or a file named %COMMON_APPDATA% you should get rid of this as soon as possible. Unhappily this could be randomly named so searching for it may take some time. On the contrary there is a method to get through this, and this is by going to the START button. Click on that button; go to All Programs and then System Tools. Once you have detected that file, select it and then right press to get more alternatives. From the window that comes out select the Open File Location which ought to give you an executable name. Write this on a piece of paper and restart you’re PC and into safe mode. In the normal mode, system tool 2011 will inhibit you to access Reedit, thus, you need to employ Reedit in safe mode. It will even go so far as to notify the client that the Regedit.exe file had been infected with a virus. Do not consider, just do what you need to in Reedit.

After accessing safe mode, press Start and click on run to enter Regedit. Key in regedit.exe and then go to the HKeyCurrentUser, then Software, Microsoft, Windows, Current Version, Run Once and then get rid of the entry. If there is nothing, head to Run. It is also advisable to check the Local Machine portion. Now, after this is all done and gone, it would be advisable to buy a good antivirus like Kaspersky and Norton. There are also freeware antivirus like Avira which works just as well. If would also be good if you can get a free AdAware which inhibit malware by verifying your Computer day-to-day. Then again, do not download a lot of anti-spyware programs to your PC.Usually only one anti-virus should work in one system or if there are more they will automatically try to kill each other off. So only choose one.

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